++ Tartarus Functions and Tools -- Index

   -- Functions

     -Edge Ring Evaluation

       .Smart Evaluation
         `Smart Split Geometry
         `Smart Reduce Geometry
       .Fast Evaluation
     -Split Selected Edge Ring
     -Collapse Selected Edge Ring
       .To Edge Ring and Collapse
       .To Edge Loop and Delete
     -Connect Face
     -Align Edges To Axis

       .To Border/Edge Loop and Align
       .To Selected Center and Align
     -Delete Across Axis    ** New in Tartarus V 2.00
       .X, -X, Y, -Y, Z, and -Z

     -Combine Object Halves

       .Duplicate and Mirror Geometry    ** New in Tartarus V 2.00
         `X, Y, & Z Axes
       .Move pivote to Mirror Axis

       .Combine and Merge Objects
       .Smart Reduce
       .Manual Reduce
       .Pull Cage to High Res Mesh
         `Vertex To Same Number Vertex  (Fastest)
         `Vertex To Closest Vertex  (Medium)
         `Vertex To Face Normal Direction  (Slowest)

   -- Tools

     -Generate Quad Sphere

       .Create Quad Sphere
       .Update Quad Sphere
       .X Y Z Detail control
       .Sphere Diameter Control
     -Geometry Brain
       .Memorize Vertices Locations
       .Remember Vertices Locations

      .Edit Current Selection    ** New in Tartarus V 2.00
         `Soft Selection Fall Off Slider
         `Grow Selection Slider
      +Select List
       .Add Selected To "Select List"
       .Select "Select List"
       .Deselect "Select List"
       .Toggle "Select List"
       .Remove Selected Items from "Select List"    ** New in Tartarus V 2.00
       .Toggle Selected from being on/off the "Select List"
       .Select Previously removed item(s)

       .Select and Clear "Select List"
       .Clear "Select List"
      +Radius Select
      +Random Select
      +Select Closest Vert to Vert    ** New in Tartarus V 2.00

     -Hair Tools ---    ** New in Tartarus V 2.00
       .Update Sliders
       .Parameter U Slider
       .Parameter V Slider

     -Speed Up Maya Tools ---
       .Isolate Selected
       .Isolate Unselected

   -- Animation Assistant
     -Remember Selected
     -Select Remembered
     -Clear Memory
     -Animation Recall and Mirror ---
       .Key Current Frame
       .Mirror Selected
       .Recall Frame on Selected
       .Mirror positioning with first selected
       .Mirror Attributes on current controls
     -Animation Looper ---
         ,Set the first and last frame of your animation, then set the range, start loop frame and end loop frame.
         ,Bake Looped Keys

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