++ Tartarus V2.01 Launched - Saturday, August 24th, 2008
   I'm happy to announce the release of Tartarus version 2.00-- So please, download the Tartarus Tool Box for Maya and try out the over 32+ functions/tools.

   Here is a link to a Video Walkthrough explaining the 4 different layouts for Tartarus. Pick what layout is right for you --
      Intro video to the new Gui for Tartarus V2.01

   Here is a link to a Video Walkthrough showing whats new to Tartarus V2.01 --
      Video showing off the new features to Tartarus V2.01

   While going through the steps of modeling, I've created a tool box with everything I needed to get a model created fast and some extra tools I've needed for tweeking or saving my butt on a rigging explosion. Now I'm still only a student in school (Kevin Edzenga, going to be Senior at the School of Visual Arts), but these tools have braught my time modeling as an intermediate to a new level.

   I started writing them around early december 2007 and I haven't gone a day without using things like the quad sphere for a fast base to work into a head. Or the geometry brain to remember work I'd do with the sculpt geo tool. I would undo a bunch of sculpts back, and remember back to the point those verticies were at by using a slider to slider between both points, like a temparary blend shape.

   The read me should have some information about each tool. I will be updating the help pulldowns for each tool in later versions.

   This tool bin is rather large and I've altered my own workflow arround some of the functions I've written. So the forum should provide some further information about Tartarus.

      -Kevin Edzenga
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Tartarus Tool Box; © 2007-2008 Kevin Edzenga;